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Awareness Campaigns

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Raising awareness is a vital part of the Association. See below for details of our current and previous campaigns.


The MNDA have produced a number of videos that cover care, campaigning, research, fundraising and volunteering activities. This film ‘The Ride’ shows the devastating effects of motor neurone disease portrayed as a terrifying rollercoaster ride. It has been produced to raise public awareness of MND and does contain scenes that some people may find upsetting.

#TakeOverMND / The Ride!

Imagine a terrifying rollercoaster ride where every turn and loop brings you closer to death and you can’t get off. That is the theme of our latest campaign which portrays the devastating effects of motor neurone disease as a rollercoaster ride and how it takes over lives in our hard-hitting new film ‘The Ride’.

We encourage people to share the video and to include the hashtag #TakeOverMND in support.

Click here to view all MNDA videos..

Campaigning Toolkit

The MND Association Campaigning Toolkit offers guidance for the Association’s campaigners and volunteers on running different campaign activities and events. It also includes guidance on arranging meetings with key political decision makers and health organisations.

The campaigning toolkit is the brain child of Katy Styles, one of the Association’s many dedicated Campaigns Contacts, who volunteers for East Kent group.

The toolkit is fully downloadable and can be found here  but please email  if you would like a hard copy.

#Scrap6Months / Scrap 6 Months

People living with a terminal illness such as MND should be able to claim benefits without having to fill in a long form, attend a face-to-face assessment, or wait weeks for their benefits to arrive.

The SRTI process is the fast-track process for claiming benefits, meaning people do not have to go through a long and stressful assessment process. However, the SRTI requires a 'reasonable expectation of death within six months', which excludes many people with an unpredictable terminal illness like MND. We would like to see the Government change the law, as Scotland has recently done, to move away from the 6 months definition towards a decision made by a clinician.

Scrap6months poster 2.jpg

Life with MND is tough enough without being pushed into financial hardship.

We are campaigning to end the financial hardship faced by people with MND and their families

People with MND are being forced to fund care themselves and wipe out their savings because:

  • Benefits and entitlements are not enough to cover the costs MND incurs.

  • Accessing financial support is too difficult and overwhelmingly complex to apply for and the system can also be too slow to respond. This is resulting in some people getting support when it’s too late, in some cases after the person with MND has died.

  • Not enough people are being made aware of the financial support they are entitled to.

  • Until now the cost of MND and the impact on people affected has been largely hidden, and not fully seen or understood by those with the power to change it.

To find out how you can get involved go to or email if you would like a hard copy of the leaflet

​We The month of June 2017 was dedicated to raising awareness of MND and the work of the Association.


That’s the question we are asking for our current 2017 campaign – #MyEyesSay.

Throughout the month we’ll be sharing the experiences of Gemma and Dave who are living with the disease, and Vivienne, whose husband Tony died in 2016.

We also want you to get involved by taking a ‘selfie’ and sharing your message on what your eyes say. This will then become part of a collage on the #MyEyesSay website.

Visit the #MyEyesSay website

Join us in campaigning

Volunteers are critical to our campaigning work and there is a role for everyone. You can do as much or as little as you like. Discover how you can help make a difference to people with motor neurone disease by campaigning.

Sign up to the MND Association’s Campaign Network for details about our campaigns and how you can get involved. Whether it’s signing a petition, writing a letter or speaking to your local politician – you decide how much time and commitment you spend on campaigning.

• It’s free, and you can do as little or as much as you like.

• You will receive regular updates on our campaign activities and how you can participate.

You can sign up easily online at

Take action and campaign!

My name is Julie Compton (although everyone calls me JC!) and I'm the campaigns manager for the north of England.

I support MND Association campaigners to raise awareness of MND with decision makers, such as councillors and MPs, in order to improve services for people with MND and their families.

Come to me for:

  • Information about how to get involved in our campaigns both nationally and locally

  • A chat about issues with local services (NHS, social care, housing etc.) that you think might be raised or resolved through campaigning

  • Advice on meetings with politicians such as MPs or councillors, and other decision makers

  • I also support our campaigns contact volunteers across the north

How to contact me:

Email:      Phone: 0115 920 4507      Mobile: 07811 280893

Click here for more information about joining the MNDA
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