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Join #TeamMND in 2021 - Events Diary 2021


The MND Associations official 2018 Events Diary is now available. Detailing a wide range of events that you can get involved in no matter what your age, background or ability. Events available for families too!


You can download the Events Diary (PDF) to read all of the events available in 2018. Alternatively, browse through the events using the buttons below.

So, get yourself involved and help raise vital funds for the MND Association.

Join #TeamMND in 2017 - Local Events Diary 2021

3rd January 2017


Search our database and find out what is happening local to you. Our Branches and Groups are active at a local level.

Where do your donations go?


Your donations are of vital importance to help make a positive difference to the lives of people living with motor neurone disease (MND).

It’s thanks to you that we are able to continue with our work in funding research; providing care as well as campaigning and raising awareness of MND.


Donations made to the MNDA South Lancs branch will be used to provide support and equipment to people living with MND in the areas covered by the branch. 


The donations we receive are spent in a number of different ways you can find out how by clicking here.


We really do appreciate all the hard work from all of our amazing supporters.

Further information on how your donations have been put to good use is available in our Impact Report.


Further information on spending the proceeds from the Ice Bucket Challenge 

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“Any support you can give today; through volunteering your time and skills, fundraising in so many creative ways or by contributing to our appeals and campaigns will help ensure our work continues across our three priorities of improving care, funding research and raising awareness of just how devastating MND is, both now and for the future."

Sally Light, Chief Executive, MND Association

Click on the photo to see how you can get involved and #TakeoverMND

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